Ria Nicholas
Our Mission

We want to bring you a little historical background on some fun travel destinations, but . . .

. . . NOT the way it was taught in school years ago. History isn’t all about memorizing dates of battles and names of presidents and generals!

In reality, history is one hell of a ride! It’s the story of ALL of us – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and how we arrived where we are today.

As we travel down this road through time, we’re struck most of all by the incredible inventiveness and perseverance of the people we encounter along the way. We hope you’ll hop aboard and join our journey!

Ria Nicholas, Writer / Producer / Host

Ms. Nicholas is a published, award-winning writer, as well as a photographer and educator with 20 years of teaching experience, following 10 years as a practicing attorney.  Her love of travel and interest in exploring American history have combined with her passion for teaching and writing and have found expression in this blog.

Jim Zura, Director / Cameraman/ Video Editor

Nicholas has partnered with Jim Zura of Zura Productions in creating video segments to enrich the blog.  Zura is an award-winning Director, Cameraman and Video Editor whose 30+ year career includes assignments for practically every U.S. television network, many major corporations and several tourist bureaus, both domestically and abroad.

Be Epic! Shine a Spotlight On YOUR History!

If you would like your museum, destination or community highlighted and would like us to produce a video and / or write promotional material for your website, please send us an email at AmericanHistoryRoadTrip@gmail.com with your contact information. We will get back to you to discuss the scope of your project and your budget for the production.

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