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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many tourist destinations have put in place a variety of safety measures. Be sure to inquire in advance about any changes in their hours or availability. Contact information and links are embedded in our blogs. Meanwhile, travel safely and virtually on this site.

” Never underestimate the intelligence of your audience, but never overestimate their knowledge . . .”–John Whiteley

Cool Vibes At the Texas Broadcast Museum In Kilgore

From Morse Code to Social Media: follow along with Jim Zura as he traces the history of recorded media and broadcasting, from its halting beginnings into the present, at the Texas Broadcast Museum. This museum is thoroughly different – a zany playground for nostalgic techno-geeks.

Tuskegee Institute: A Roll-Call of Self-Made Men

Beginning in the late 1800s, Tuskegee Institute attracted a series self-made men. These men lifted themselves out of slavery and rose above the systemic racism that followed. They are a study in perseverance and set an example for knowledge, leadership, and service. Introducing Frederick Douglass historian, Nathan Richardson . . .

One Thousand Years at Taos Pueblo

One of the most incredible examples of adobe architectural genius survives to the present day in the 1,000-year-old Taos Pueblo, a National Historic Landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the oldest continuously inhabited structure in North America. But for the cunning and bravery of one man, this gift to the eons might have been lost forever . . .

Dirty Dealings On Display At the East Texas Oil Museum In Kilgore

When an apparent plot to swindle East Texas locals turned into the accidental discovery of the largest deposit of oil in the United States, it unleashed a frenzy of speculation, greed and desperation, requiring the imposition of martial law. The discovery resulted in unprecedented wealth and changed the course of world history!

Houston, TX is Puttin’ On the Ritz at the Majestic Metro

The Roaring Twenties was a decade of post-war euphoria, economic prosperity and general optimism. ‘Flaming youth’ began testing sexual mores as they set out to live life to the fullest while they could. Flappers raised eyebrows by raising hemlines . . .

10 Galveston Time Capsule Adventures

Galveston, Texas – In a sense, the narrative of an entire nation is distilled in the sands of this diminutive 200-square-mile barrier island. Meet shipwrecked explorers, brazen pirates, and barons of industry as you browse 10 year-round destinations, 27 photos, & 5 videos to preview this remarkable…

A Photo Essay on Jalopies – Send Us Your Pics!

They may not constitute a destination, but what could be more iconic of the American experience – or necessary to a road trip – than the American automobile? Help us identify these treasures and add to our photo collection! Send us your photos of jalopies!

Vicksburg National Military Park In Mississippi: The Civil War Sinking of an Ironclad

Were they awestruck as they boarded her? Or skeptical perhaps, those Union soldiers? All those feelings and more must have been tossed aboard alongside the artillery. Follow the story of one of America’s first ironclad gunboats as it takes part in the Vicksburg Campaign during the Civil War. . . .

Asheville, NC: Luxury and Excess at America’s Castle

The grounds sprawl out impressively, and at the distant end of an expansive lawn, the chateau anchors the horizon, resplendent as a crown jewel of the Gilded Age. Step back in time to experience the luxury and excess afforded by the amassed fortune of the Vanderbilt family in this castle built for three.

Durango to Silverton, CO: All Aboard the Steam Train!

Come ride along on this two-minute video journey, as the vintage steam trains of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad wind their way through chasms and gorges along the turbulent Animas River in the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado.

Visit Silverton, CO: A Place Where the West Still Runs Wild

The historic western mining town of Silverton lies frozen in time in a high valley of the River of Lost Souls and is served by narrow gauge steam trains, designed to handle the sharp curves and steep grades of the mountainous terrain. From here, a network of threads – nearly invisible Jeep trails – reach up every narrow gulch.

Smoky Mountain Grist Mills Were a Tech Thing?

What?! Those picture postcard mills weren’t all alike? Great Smoky Mountains National Park preserves 4 historic mills with different technologies. You can visit 2 more in Pigeon Forge – 1 at Dollywood! See how clever frontiersmen used scant resources and homemade technology to feed their families!

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