Museums and Monuments to African American Science

A young George Washington Carver ponders the natural world at the George Washington Carver National Monument; image courtesy NPS. In Search of the Immortals by Ria Nicholas I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit nerdy when it comes to science – not that I’m an expert, mind you. I’ve just always admired thoseContinue reading “Museums and Monuments to African American Science”

10 Wildly Offbeat (And Romantic) Places to Spend the Night Across Texas

Image courtesy Basecamp Terlingua And the Things You Can Do While You’re Awake By Ria Nicholas When planning a romantic escape, Texas may not be the first state to come to mind. But, while Texas doesn’t have the reputation of Paris or Venice when it comes to l’amour, the state does lay claim to everythingContinue reading “10 Wildly Offbeat (And Romantic) Places to Spend the Night Across Texas”