Museums and Monuments to African American Science

A young George Washington Carver ponders the natural world at the George Washington Carver National Monument; image courtesy NPS. In Search of the Immortals by Ria Nicholas I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit nerdy when it comes to science – not that I’m an expert, mind you. I’ve just always admired thoseContinue reading “Museums and Monuments to African American Science”

10 Wildly Offbeat (And Romantic) Places to Spend the Night Across Texas

Image courtesy Basecamp Terlingua And the Things You Can Do While You’re Awake By Ria Nicholas When planning a romantic escape, Texas may not be the first state to come to mind. But, while Texas doesn’t have the reputation of Paris or Venice when it comes to l’amour, the state does lay claim to everythingContinue reading “10 Wildly Offbeat (And Romantic) Places to Spend the Night Across Texas”

Just Hangin’ With the Hatfields and McCoys

Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud (dinner theater) in Pigeon Forge, TN; image courtesy Historic Hostility In Pikeville Leads To Homespun Hilarity In Pigeon Forge By Ria Nicholas For most of us, the names Hatfield and McCoy call up caricatures of hatin’ hillbillies and backwoods bickering – feuding families who just couldn’t get along. InContinue reading “Just Hangin’ With the Hatfields and McCoys”

Tour the French Quarter With NOLA’s Original Bad Boy!

Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans; image courtesy Lars Plougmann “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” with Pirate Jean Lafitte By Ria Nicholas The city of New Orleans has seen a lot of history since its founding in 1718. But it is, perhaps, the nefarious pirate Jean Lafitte who has left the mostContinue reading “Tour the French Quarter With NOLA’s Original Bad Boy!”

Sun, Fun, and the Battle We Won At Put-In-Bay, Ohio!

Jim and I rented bicycles to get around the island, but you can also rent golf carts. Head Over Heals With Historical Lake Erie By Ria Nicholas South Bass Island is the southernmost member of a small archipelago in the shallow waters of Lake Erie’s western end. There the charming community of Put-In-Bay makes theContinue reading “Sun, Fun, and the Battle We Won At Put-In-Bay, Ohio!”

Saving America’s Epic Lighthouses

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse; image courtesy Chandra Hari Please Keep the Nightlights On! By Ria Nicholas Lighthouses have guided sailors away from danger and toward safe harbors since before Homer’s mythical monsters, Scylla and Charybdis, terrorized the seas of classical Greece. Today, however, it is the lighthouses themselves that are endangered. Made obsolete by modernContinue reading “Saving America’s Epic Lighthouses”

No Passport? No Problem!

The above image of River Street in Savannah, Georgia is reminiscent of Paris, France. Image courtesy Tour the World With an American History Road Trip! By Ria Nicholas As we go stir crazy due to COVID-19, we’re eager to pack our bags and get our travel on. But journeying abroad may still lie outsideContinue reading “No Passport? No Problem!”

Bright Lights And Cool Nights At Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

Image courtesy the Galveston Island Convention and Visitors Bureau Make That Historic AND Epic! By Ria Nicholas There’s something especially exhilarating about the Pleasure Pier at night. Thousands of colorful, twinkling lights elevate the experience into the realm of the surreal. A study in contrasts, the buzz and laughter of the crowd all but drownContinue reading “Bright Lights And Cool Nights At Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier”

Cool Vibes At the Texas Broadcast Museum In Kilgore

Please welcome guest writer, Jim Zura. He has spent 30-plus years in broadcasting, beginning as radio personality ‘Jimmy Z’ with M105 Classic Rock in Cleveland, Ohio. After moving to Houston, Texas in 1983, he worked on the air at KILT-FM radio, before his segue into video production. Zura has worked with countless celebrities and hasContinue reading “Cool Vibes At the Texas Broadcast Museum In Kilgore”